Consistency has been at the foundation of who we are since day one. As a company, it’s important to show up the same way everyday for our customers, employees and partners. We stay consistent through the quality and routine of our meals, our packaging, our donation efforts and with our employees.


We are firm believers in putting wholesome, nutritious foods into our bodies, and always ensure we are providing our customers with just that. The quality can be seen in the variety of nutrients you get with every meal, the whole ingredients we use, and the fresh, never frozen, approach we have to delivering every meal. 


Consistency and routine go hand-in-hand. We know that you need dependable meals so that you can live your life, which is why we started Westerly. Our subscription allows you to autopilot some or all of your weekly meals, and we're here with weekly reminders in case things don’t go to plan. Need to update your meal plan at any time? Learn how to here


This concept isn't new to us, as we've used compostable packaging, reusable cooler bags and reusable ice-packs since day one. It might be more work but we've built our business on prioritizing sustainability in every area we could think of. Seattle has provided us with the resources to support these efforts through its extensive composting facilities and ability to break down this packaging, a service that many other cities don't provide. The reusable bags you receive your meals in eliminate unnecessary waste, like big boxes and dry ice, that is usually associated with meal deliveries.  


As with any food production company, there is often leftover product. Instead of throwing it away, we have partnered with local organizations to donate unsold meals or bulk prepared food. We partner with Sustainable Renton, PHRA, Gifts of Hope, local group homes, and more to donate over 100 meals every week. Food is our love language and we love working with the Seattle community to share what we do best.


Westerly would be nothing without our team. Our employees show up everyday ready to work hard. They always bring their best, whether they’re cooking in the kitchen, organizing meals or helping our customers. We offer our employees generous PTO, sick time, 401K, continuing education opportunities, career advancement, and of course - free food! We strive to always make Westerly a fun, inspiring and inclusive workplace for everyone. 


At the end of the day, our customers and our team keep us accountable. We don’t take for granted the feedback we receive and are not above admitting any mistakes. If you’ve ever had the privilege of talking with our awesome customer service team, you’ve experienced this first-hand. This level of accountability helps us operate at our highest level, stick to our values and continue to provide consistency to people’s lives. 


Check out our Wellness menu and our Plant-Based menu. For FAQs about the meal plans click here, and more information about ordering, click here.   

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