How We Work

Step 1
Choose & Customize

Choose between our Plant-Based and Wellness meal plans (or a combination of both). All of our meals are always gluten & dairy free!

Plant-Based Menu - Our Plant-Based Menu combines vegetarian-friendly proteins with powerful superfood plants.

Wellness Menu - Our Wellness Menu combines lean animal proteins with powerful plant nutrients & superfoods - in balanced portion sizes that are great for everyone.

Schedule meals for 3 or 5 days per week and select which meals you need each day.

Order by Thursday night at 11:59pm to receive meals for the following Monday-Friday. 

Step 2
We Cook & Prepare

Your meals are sourced & prepared from the freshest ingredients available, made locally in our Seattle commercial kitchen. Every menu item - from the main and side dishes to the dressings and sauces - are made by scratch by our team.

The weekly Chef’s Menu is created by our Head Chef & co-founder - Matt Hunt - each week and is available to review a week in advance. We can work around various dietary restrictions to ensure that you enjoy every meal!

All of our meals are always gluten & dairy free -
Please read our allergen disclaimer on our FAQ page.

Step 3
Seattle Area, Everett & Tacoma Area Meal Delivery

Your meals arrive in our reusable cooler bag with ice packs and stay cold after delivery for 4+ hours.

Place your meals in the fridge and set your cooler bag and ice packs back on the porch before your next delivery. We'll exchange it with your new cooler.

Deliveries arrive Sundays (with meals for Mon, Tues & Wed) between 10a - 9:30p and Wednesdays (with meals for Thur & Fri) between 10a - 9:30p.

Step 4

Each meal is ready to eat within 2-3 minutes. No chopping, sautéing or extra prep required.

Every single container, soup cup, and sticker is 100% compostable in a commercial composting facility.

Order for next week by Thursday at 11:59pm.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or e-mail us at