We all have that “problem meal”. It’s the one we constantly neglect in our day for one reason or another. The meal we can’t ever seem to make time for no matter how hungry we are. Grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking seem impossible when we have zero energy to produce anything edible.  

For a lot of us, breakfast is the easiest meal to skip. Either we’re racing to get the kids (or ourselves) out the door, hurrying to a spin class, or making our way into work. When it comes to lunchtime it’s often hard to stop a productive work session, or we’re racing in between commitments. At the end of a long day, the last thing on our list of to-dos may be making a healthy, nutrient-dense dinner.  

All of these reasons are valid and ring true for many of us. Whether we’re intentionally or unintentionally skipping meals, this behavior has negative effects on our bodies. Just as cars need gasoline, our bodies need fuel to function at the most basic levels, both physically and mentally. This looks like starting our days off well-fed, then continuing to nourish our bodies as we burn energy throughout the day.

Whatever your “problem meal” is, we can help. Westerly lets you pick and choose specific meals you want delivered, how often, and for how many days a week. Meal combinations could be:

  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Lunch + Dinner 
  • Breakfast + Lunch 
  • Breakfast + Dinner 
  • Dinner + Dinner - for you and your partner
  • Lunch + Lunch - for you and your coworker
  • Dinner + Dinner + Dinner - for your whole household


Check out our Wellness menu and our Plant-Based menu. For FAQs about the meal plans click here, and more information about ordering, click here 

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