Between work, passion projects, hobbies, exercise, maintaining friendships, and visiting family, there’s so much to do and we’re often on-the-go more than we’d like. On top of all of that, being a parent means you’re often working double, taking care of yourself and others. Between all the activities you and your kids may be involved in- especially as the weather gets nicer- shopping, planning and cooking nutritious meals can be a huge challenge. We interviewed two-thirds of our founders, our resident parents, to learn more about how Westerly affects their daily life. 

“Westerly is the gift of time.”

Chrissy, one of Westerly’s co-CEOs explains, “We started Westerly because we know we aren’t unique in this struggle to do it all. Between work, family, and hobbies we have a lot going on. Knowing we can pick up our kids, go play at the park, and then come home to a delicious, nutrient-dense dinner ready in 2 minutes is a huge relief.”

Matt, our executive chef goes on to say, “Because our kids go to daycare we have very limited time with them during the week. I don’t want to spend 30 minutes of that sacred time cooking a meal for all of us to eat. Westerly allows us to spend our time with our kids and not shopping for a meal, prepping that meal and cleaning up after it. We microwave our dinner then we can sit, eat and spend time together. When we’re finished, we just compost the container and clean up is done.”


Unlike other services, all of our meals come ready to eat so you truly are saving time. Conveniently packaged for one in compostable containers, they can be taken on the go and enjoyed in the park, on vacation or in between activities. We’ve even seen our customers take them to the airport to enjoy a salad bowl before travel. 

Parenthood- and life in general- can be demanding and time-consuming. So we’re glad we can take a few things off your plate (like meal prep, cooking and dishes) and put something amazing on it (like Chia Seed Smoothie Bowls, Toasted Quinoa Salad Bowls or Chipotle Chimichurri.) 


Explore our new meal plans here. Now offering breakfast for two! Breakfast + Breakfast. Get the most important meal of the day delivered to your door. Have breakfast covered 3, 4 or 5 days a week!  

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  • Francine

    We started using Westerly Kitchen for this exact reason. There is a meaningful change in the amount of time we can spend with our children in the evenings, and we wake up to a clean kitchen much more easily! We also really appreciate the commercially compostable containers and reuse of bags and ice packs. Plus we all love the food! No other meal service compares!

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