From our point of view, sustainability means creating a business that operates in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment and supports our local community. This involves sourcing fresh, locally-grown ingredients whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food long distances.  To us, it also means using 100% compostable packaging and utilizing reusable delivery bags to reduce waste. Lastly, we pay close attention to how much food we prepare to minimize food waste and donate all excess food to local organizations to ensure it doesn't go to waste. By sticking to our values, we aim to create a business that benefits both its customers and our environment.



Local over organic. This has been Westerly’s philosophy for sourcing from the start. We want to support producers within our state while sourcing ingredients that are as fresh as possible. We do use organic ingredients, but not exclusively. Since our menu is brand new each week, the exact amount of organic content varies week to week based on the menu and availability. We partner with Charlie’s Produce, a PNW fruit & vegetable wholesaler, to get the majority of our produce. We also work with local farms directly like Collins Family Orchards to source seasonal fruits.


As a Seattle local business, we have access to wonderful utilities like commercial composting - not only for our business but for our customers. That’s why we use 100% compostable packaging. From our breakfast & dinner containers and lids, to salad bowls and soup containers, dressing containers, every sticker and label is commercially compostable. We’re happy to know our packaging will eventually become organic matter, and that we’re doing our part to build a sustainable future.



From the beginning, our mission has been to make meal delivery as sustainable as possible - unlike a traditional meal delivery service with plastic packaging, films, large boxes to breakdown or dry ice to dispose of. Every Sunday & Wednesday (our delivery days) you receive a clean, reusable delivery bag with fresh ice-packs and your weekly meals. Upon getting your next delivery of meals, you can leave your bag & unfrozen ice-packs out for our drivers to pick-up and return to our HQ. Cleaning the bags & ice-packs may be extra work for us, but it’s worth it to be reducing our contribution to the environmental impact of food delivery.


Many companies in the food industry deal with a fair amount of food waste. We wanted to do things differently. We pay close attention to how much food we’re preparing to ensure we’re not wasting large quantities of food. However, there is usually a gap between what we’ve made and what is being delivered. Oftentimes on purpose, to account for our employees taking meals home, but if there’s still excess we donate to local organizations like PHRA, Sustainable Renton, local group homes and more. We’re proud to work with local organizations, which ensures none of our prepared or packaged food goes to waste. 


The work, organization, outreach, and sourcing is all worth it. To be a business that wastes little but loves a lot - we are happy to make these efforts for ourselves, customers, community and future.



Learn more about our Meal Plans & our Founders. For FAQ, click here


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