Every year, as September arrives, I find myself marveling at how quickly summer has passed. Just like many fellow Seattleites, I treasure every sun-filled day that graces our region during the summer months. While my husband and I work during the day, our two daughters, Ari (five) and Penny (almost two!), spend their time at daycare. But as soon as we're off work, we race to the nearest beach, splash pad, or playground to make the most of the long, warm evenings. On weekends, we embark on adventures across every corner of Washington. This summer was particularly special as we managed to squeeze in five camping trips – a record for us since becoming parents. 

Adding to the usual summer hustle and bustle, we've been making updates to our 100-year-old house. This means we're currently living in our basement with our two kids and no kitchen access. We've been relying on Westerly for our daily meals, and it has been a true lifesaver. Thanks to Westerly, we haven't had to resort to take-out or junk food during this eventful time. We order two of each meal and then share them among the four of us. While our children's appetites are still small, it won't be long before we need to upgrade to three meals to satisfy their growing hunger! 

In the evenings, we retreat to our deck with warm Westerly dinners, accompanied by blackberries plucked from the bushes surrounding our house. These moments are pure bliss for me. I watch Ari munching on brussels sprouts, convinced they have magical wings, and Penny deciding that blackberries mixed into her rice are the ultimate culinary delight. No distractions like dirty dishes or bedrooms to rush off to – just us, our Westerly dinners, and a big bowl of blackberries. Yes, the noise levels are high, and personal space is limited, but we're incredibly grateful for this quality time together. 

No distractions like dirty dishes or bedrooms to rush off to – just us, our Westerly dinners, and a big bowl of blackberries.

As summer draws to a close, Ari is getting ready to start kindergarten! This month has been a whirlwind of preparations, from her preschool graduation to back-to-school shopping and touring her new school. We've officially entered the world of errands, activities, and drop-off times. We’re ready to settle into some routines, both foreign and familiar, as we navigate this new normal. Thankfully dinner is at least one thing we won’t have to worry about! If you, a parent, or teacher you know could use some Westerly time-saving magic this fall, use the discount code FALLSAVINGS for 15% off your first order.


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